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PilePro’s impact Hammer is an excavator mounted accelerated hammer which provides up to 30 kJ of energy; the equivalent of 3 tonnes dropped from 1.0 m or the largest excavator mounted rigs available in tasmania. it is able to drive piles into hard rock and can be used to demonstrate capacities in excess of 3,000 kN.

Key features:

  • blow rates of up to 400 blows per minute; the hammer is able to efficiently install piles and shatter obstructions with its rock-breaker like action;
  • as an accelerated hammer, the ram is driven down as well as lifted up; enabling the hammer to operate at any angle to install raked piles with minimal loss of efficiency – something traditional hammers can only imagine!

Capable of driving steel H and Tube piles, Precast Concrete piles and Timber piles, PilePro’s Impact Hammer is most suitable for:

  • H-piles up to 500WC and up to 18m long.
  • Sheet piles in width from 400 to 1200 mm.
  • Timber piles from 150 to 400 mm in diameter and up to 18m long.
  • Tube piles from 200 to 610 mm in diameter.
  • Concrete piles 300 to 400 mm square.

The Impact Hammer can be used in conjunction with PilePro’s Side-Grip Vibratory Hammer or off-sided by assisting machinery to handle and pitch piles. PilePro are also capable of providing drop hammers up to 8 tonnes in weight for demonstrating pile capacities up to 8,000 kN.

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