Screw Pile Foundation Solutions

PilePro’s screw piles provide a cost-effective and practical alternative to traditional foundations that are quick to install without any mess or fuss, and ready to be built upon immediately to provide a very economical solution.

They are ideally suited to projects requiring foundations up to 20 tonnes. They are also capable of supporting structures in both tension and compression, providing an ideal solution where overturning forces are significant or when ground conditions aren’t suitable for other foundation methods. As such, screw piles can be used as a steel foundation solution for domestic and commercial foundations, railway and highway installations, masts, towers, cantilever gantries, platforms, lighting columns and sign posts.

Being quick and easy to install, in many cases the piles and associated structures can be installed in a day.

Their durable, environmentally friendly design of PilePro’s Screw Piles makes them the perfect solution for uneven or unpredictable soil conditions. They are produced in a quality-controlled environment to Australian Standards using Australian manufactured and sourced components. They are static-load tested and fully compliant with the Australian Piling Code, AS2159 – 1995. Made from galvanised steel, PilePro’s screw piles are also maintenance free and reusable after removal from temporary installations.

PilePro’s Screw Pile Services provide:

  • Fastest pile installation method available (up to 100 piles per day)
  • Achieve load capacities of up to 200 kN in soft or mixed composite ground
  • Installation options at any angle
  • Easy access to difficult and height constrained sites
  • Excellent tension capacity
  • Removable and re-useable

The benefits for our Clients include:

  • No excavations or spoil removal required, eliminating all contaminated fill removal
  • Quickly and easily installed without vibration, noise or waste
  • Able to be built upon straight away with no concrete curing time
  • Existing underground services can be negotiated
  • Installation possible in low temperatures and wet conditions

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