Sheet Piling Solutions

PilePro’s Side-Grip Vibratory Piling Hammer is an excavator mounted vibratory hammer which grips the pile on the side in order to be able to drive sheet piles up to 18m long. This one unit is capable of handling, pitching and driving sheet piles, therefore eliminating the need to manually handle piles or use assisting machinery.

The Vibratory Hammer combined with the excavator is an effective solution for sheet piling on most sites from open areas to confined spaces or limited headroom. An advanced Auto C control system makes operating accurate and simple.

PilePro’s Side-Grip Vibratory Piling Hammer is capable of handling, pitching and driving 400 – 1,200 mm width sheet piles up to 18 m long.

The side-grip clamps make installation efficient having the ability to lift and rotate the pile to the driving location. Secure grips keep the pile under control during driving and the Auto C control system enables fast and accurate piling work.

Generating an impressive 600 kN of vibratory force at 3,000 Hz, the Vibratory Hammer can only be bettered in power by the very largest crawler mounted rigs limited in availability to the bigger mainland cities.

Key features:

  • minimised disturbance to surrounding structures through the use of variable eccentric vibration; effectively eliminating start-up and stopping resonance and potentially damaging vibration.
  • equally able to install and extract piles, and therefore perfect for installation and later removal of temporary works.
  • operates at any angle and therefore capable of installing piles at any rake including horizontally.

The Side-Grips will drive sheet piles in width from 400 to 1200 mm.

PilePro have also invested in sheet piles that are available for hire and use in temporary works to further improve the viability of sheet piling solutions. Our ability to recover piles is unique in Tasmania and allows for the re-use of materials.

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